Importance Of Communication In Palliative Care

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In the dictionary, quality is defined as the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind (Oxford Dictionaries | English, 2017). On the other hand palliative care is a team which provides for the seriously ill patients with care till their end of life. In my point of view, quality palliative care is whereby the palliative team should provide the best of care for patients during their final moments in this world. In addition palliative care improves the quality of patient’s life in various ways.

Communication in palliative care is important, as through this interaction patients are able to express their feelings. Moreover, the palliative team should communicate with the patient to be able to list down the ways in which they can provide their best of care. I feel that communication is important in terminally ill patients, therefore i will be exploring the importance of verbal communication, the ways to communicate, and the impacts of communication in palliative care.

Section 1
Communication is whereby there is an exchange of information between two or more people (Grimsley, 2017). Verbal communication is one essential reason why we are able to work with one another effectively (Grimsley, 2017). Communication with the terminally ill patients is
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In an poster made by singapore healthcare management, there were some new models stated to be used in singapore. Research has found that the oncology nurses are using the Setting Ask Gather Empathy(SAGE) and Talk Help You Me(THYME) model to promote effective communication by aiding the nurses to hold down their advices before the patient has expressed their worries and desires (, 2017)(C and S H M, 2016). This structured framework facilitates by establishing the trust and relationship between patient and the nurse. Moreover this model leads nurses to have active listening and

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