Importance Of Communication In Organizational Behavior

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The main focus of this research paper is to show how communication plays a significant role in organizational behavior. By definition, communication is a process of sending or receiving symbols with attached meanings. Throughout history, communication has always proven its significance whether it is verbal or nonverbal communication; the world wouldn’t be where it is today if not for communication. The lack of communication, also known as a communication barrier, appears when a group or even an individual is not able to properly communicate due several issues. These barriers range of interpersonal, physical, semantic, or cultural (Bien).
Research has shown that communication has shown a great importance in leadership and organizational behavior.
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The literature points out how communication and organizational behavior relay on management concepts. With how our society has innovated over time, employees face “information overload” and so communication has never been more significant. Communication takes part in an explicit cultural, physical, psychological, or social setting. How something is communicated through context, attitude or behavior can affect the organization’s structure. This research conducted by the University of Cluj- Npoca found that communication cannot take place individual environment and that these individuals are what create the foundation of an organization. Communication is what determines an organization or company’s behavior and relation between the two changes the levels of performance. Understanding communication in organizational behavior allows managers or other superiors to gain knowledge about group dynamics and employee needs. Once a manager is well informed of this information he or she is able to better direct communicate with their team. This study also found with these strategies the organization is more likely to achieve

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