Importance Of Communication In An Organization

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Effective communication is essential for the daily operations of an organization. It is necessary to cut through barriers in order to reach the goals and objectives of the operation. Communication is an important part of organizational hierarchies as a way to implement authorities, procedures and rules across the organization at all levels – executive, mid and low-level. It is important to determine roles in the workplace and communication is vital in defining those roles - who leads, who follows and identifying job responsibilities. Communication helps that employee to understand their purpose in the organization and what is expected.

Lester and Taylor (2009) describe how team-based business environments are now the norm. It is important
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For starters, every employee is a representative of the organization. Leadership may find it necessary to develop and routinely communicate rules of conduct as it relates to outside behavior deemed as embarrassing to the organization The organization then must designate the company representatives. These representatives must promote the values and best interest of the organization. This in an important part of any operation. It links the people in power and avoids confusion when negotiating goods or services. If a contractor is deploying services to an organization, that contractor must have a clear understanding on the needs of that organization and their overall security objectives. As partners, both contractor and customer must strive for communications which are both honest and open (Fay, 2009). The supply side must have the same company speak as the buyer side. The same could be said is true with participants from within the organization. For example, the security officer must be able to bridge leadership 's vision to the successful operations of the IT department. Because of the expanding and sophisticated vulnerabilities posed by networks, the security officer must translate present IT needs to the needs of …show more content…
The 21st century meaning of Security has connotations which might invoke different implications - protection, invasiveness and force are examples. Whatever meaning or application it might have, security could likely mean intruding into one 's civil liberties. A clear understanding of the organizational mission and its legality is vital for the safety practitioner to understand. This understanding should also extend towards the use of security officers. They are required to represent an organization in a positive way; both internally and with the public. They must be trained within legal authorities and must be good communicators when exercising their

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