Importance Of Church Camp

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One thing I was positive of, I did not want to go to church camp. Right from the moment we pulled into the parking lot half an hour early, I wanted to go back home. As a soon-to-be junior in high school, this did not seem like a good idea. Everyone has those times when a person in his or her life wants him or her to do something and that person pushes so hard, almost guiltily. Well, the youth minister of St. Joseph parish with which I am a member sure wanted me to go to the week-long Christina Leadership Institute. In the fleeting moments waiting in the parking lot, I thought of so many things that I would be a better use of my time than spending a week learning about christian leadership. As I would come to learn, I did not know the entire truth. Sometimes creative inspiration is not found within, but through the urge to work for a cause larger than oneself.
This camp I was about to attend wasn’t the average church camp. This camp, held at St. Ambrose University, was designed to “cultivate” and “nourish” the leader inside teens, or at least that was what the overexcited counselors would say. That first day I tried to look on the bright side as I walked through the campus away from my stressful life at home. That though, was the extent of my joys.
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In the neighboring hall, breakfast officially was the beginning of the day. I peered through the doors on the first morning, sneaking a glimpse of the layered buffet counters. Behind where I was standing, a congregation gathered in the outer vestibule ready to take part in a Morning Prayer service, prepared by one of four assigned small groups. Regretfully, I remember the group that planned the service that day did a very poor job. It strained my ears to listen as four tone deaf girls attempting to sing acapella. To say the least, it was uninspiring, reminding me how much I didn’t want to be

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