Personal Narrative: Changing Our School

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Changing Our School
Gold Beach High School has some good to it being in a small town, but because it’s in a small town it also has some issues that could be changed to make a huge difference. If I could change three things about GBHS and how things were run the first thing would be adding more classes for students to take. Doing this would help add classes that are more relevant to students and they could learn what they wanted to. The next thing I would change is how long the school day was and how sports worked. Being in school for almost 8 hours a day just for some students to have to do sports soon after really affects how students can do homework or even interact with their family. The third and final thing I would do is change what is
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To do this I would change the time school ended from 3:15 to something around 1:30 or 2 (Swifts class discussion). As a senior getting ready to leave high school this would no longer would affect me but it would definitely be great for students that have years left. Through my four years in high school I have had to stay in inside the school for around 7 hours a day and it is exhausting by the end of the day. Now that i 'm on my senior year I have most classes out of the day and can go home at around 1:30 instead of 3:15. Just that little bit of time has helped me feel more refreshed when i get home and i can get going on homework without feeling tired or like i 'm running out of time. During the football season it seemed like there was no time to get homework done if you had a full day of school. If you got out of school at 3:15 you got a little relaxing time before practice started. What really made things difficult was zero period in the morning for about 30 minutes then a full 7 hours of school to wear you out followed by a couple hours of practise. When you get home at around 7 pm you 're so exhausted from the day that you just want to eat a meal and get some sleep. Since I didn 't have the last two periods of class i got to go home early and get started on homework or take a short nap to get rested for practice, not many other players had this option though but if school ended around 1:30 or 2 that gives time to get homework out of the way or just rest for a bit so you 're not so exhausted

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