The Importance Of Being A Soldier In The Army

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For the past decade, the Army has been involved in numerous conflicts. Most of our junior Soldiers only recognize the spectrum of war from our organization. In addition to that, most of them do not even identify themselves with what we represent as an entity and to the rich and unmatched heritage that we possess as an organization. The privilege to be a Soldier in the Army is the most ancient and honorable profession of all times.
Ancient and fearless Armies such as the Romans, the Spartans, and the Greco Macedonians among others, have demonstrated how honorable were the profession of Arms. The art of Soldiering, the sacrifice, and the honor to fight and protect their people were their day-by-day core values. Giving their life in battle protecting their people were theirs biggest reward. All this great civilizations have a common goal, strive for excellent, and serve their people by
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Similar to these great civilizations, being a Soldier in the Army is a profession of sacrifice, pride, honor, and expertise. An American Soldier is a volunteer that give it all for the great of others. As Soldier, we are professionals that endures the meaning of the word sacrifice and never hesitate in front of danger, always ready to pay the ultimate prize for what we swear to defend. The pride that we feel to serve our nation is beyond comparison.

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