Why I Want To Be A History Major Essay

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History majors have become somewhat of a joke these days in regards to economic and job security. However, being a history major has plenty of upsides and many people do not see the bigger picture when deciding what major they want to be. As I entered my freshman year of college, I came in as a chemistry major with a secondary education track to teach chemistry in high schools. I thought that’s what I should do even though history was always my first love. My mom, however, told me that I’d never find a job after college just being a history major. After actually going through my first semester, and seeing the struggles that I endured as a chemistry student, my mom finally relented and let me switch my major. I was nervous at first and I had some fears that influenced my actions and decisions the second semester of my freshman year. I was afraid that I would not be good enough to be a …show more content…
This represents just how far reaching being a history major go. I do not have to go into history. I can go into other fields like law or politics or even health. Not only is being a history major so rewarding in terms of the academic pursuits, but it can also be useful when pursing a business career. As a history major, I have learned skills that are useful in a business setting like being able to handle and decipher large amounts of reading material. I am also able to articulate my thoughts and idea in writing, and in speech. These are skills that some people may not realize you can acquire while being a history major. I have also learned how to properly prepare items on schedule like presentations and papers. I am able to take what I have learned and apply it to my future because regardless of what I do or where I am, these skills are going to be needed and they will be

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