My Basketball Experience

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The only thing that I loved in my life was basketball. Ever since I was a little boy, I had a basketball in my hand, bouncing it everywhere I went. Growing up was hard for me. I was never a good student and basketball was my outlet. I made the travel team in my local town and played for three years. I never started but got playing time. That was my first taste of achievement. When I was on the court I felt confident. I was so confident that my heart told me to try out for the school team. Tinton Falls middle school was not a large team, so I thought I had a good shot at making it. To my disappointment I soon found out it 's not what you know, it 's who you know. The team was already made up before tryouts. Me being cut from the middle school …show more content…
In these tryouts I made sure everyone was below me and my position. I need sure nobody made me look bad. After those tryouts, both the coaches wanted me on the team. that season I went from getting no playing time, to starting point guard for RBC. During the season I was trained by better coaches and was assisted by amazing teammates. I felt like I was a part of something. Instead of playing on my old AAU team in the summer, I practice with the varsity team. I got a feel of a new and more aggressive play style. Junior year he came around and my confidence was great. When tryouts came I thought I had the position. I was starting point guard last year, so I had to have a spot this year I thought. Tryouts came and I put my skills to the test. I played with all the older guys. After tryouts I was called in the coaches office. I was informed that I was the only person cut from all three teams. Yet again my heart was ripped in half. I went home that night and cried. All the new friends and relationships I made were nonexistent anymore. This was the hardest moment I ever went through in my life. These tragic event still didn 't we can my determination and love for the sport. It only taught me to work

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