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On August 9, 2010 my family made a decision to enroll me into private school. Little did I know how much of an impact it would on my life and also my family? At a young age, I started out going to a public school until the seventh grade and things started to change for the better. My parents decided to make a sacrifice by deciding to put me in private school. They prayed over and over and felt like God was calling them to make a transition to put their son in a school called Trinity Christian Academy also known as TCA. Attending TCA has impacted my life in several of ways; by broadening my knowledge for the love of Christianity, providing the best support system, and supplying the highest quality of education.
Christianity has always been
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There was lost in the family, a person that was very dear to me , during this devastating time this when I found out that the school had my best interest in the books, on the field and also with my personal life .They were there for me and my family during this tragic time for us. They showed us comfort by praying for us and by coming over to the house with food. During this rough time in my life I felt like my heartbreaking experience was a lot easier to deal with cause of their support. Also, the community was also a part of the support and love that TCA has for their students. Being a Christian school with a phenomenal athletic department, many parents and volunteers help work the game, decorated for homecoming, and invested time, hard work, and money into the department. Most importantly one of the biggest impact that I experience at Trinity Christian Academy was that the students would always support one another whether it was educational or athletics. I remember for this first time we successfully made it through the playoffs and made it to the state championship game for the first time in school history. The students were overwhelmed with joy of what we had accomplished. The faculty never failed us even we fell short; they were always their supporting us with their words of encouragement and motivational speeches to keep thriving for the best and never settle for …show more content…
My parents always put my education above my athleticism, which TCA main focus was academics. I recalled making the transition from public school to private how bigger of difference it was for me. I started off struggling at during the beginning, which caused me to need extra help with some of my courses. The teacher was always whiling to give me individual help whenever I needed it. Of the extra time they put in for me it allowed me to catch up with the other students. Which allowed me and the other students become prepared for college. The teachers went beyond measures to assure the students were well prepared for the next step they were going to take in life. Teachers at TCA work overtime to make sure the students succeed. Some teachers hold study session where they stay after school hours where you can come in and have extra study time in a quiet environment. They also have tutoring session to help you in the areas you are having difficulty with, they come up with different techniques to help learn the content of the course and help you boost your grades. Preparation was the key to excelling at TCA. The teachers work excessively to make sure the students have high scores on their ACT to get into many colleges; the average score was a twenty six during my graduating year of high school. They made us practice several of ACT questions so we will be well prepared. College is the number one goal at

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