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An effective leader is necessary for any solid society. To be an effective leader your methods must be strong. You must be willing to sacrifice anything for your country and your people. Effective leaders have many qualities that make them as strong as they are. Leaders need to be confident in what they are doing and be willing to give it they're all. They also need to be able to inspire others to gain the trust, and admiration of the people. Most of all, effective leaders need to have good communication to get their point out to the citizens.
Confidence is a key part of being a great leader. Leaders with strong confidence tend to be talented in problem-solving. Confident leaders are motivated and ambitious in their work. Theodore Roosevelt, President and war General, was very fragile as a child. He was timid and often was sick and had severe asthma. This lowered his self-esteem greatly, but his father decided to try and boost his confidence. Roosevelt's father began to encourage him and have him exercise to make him feel good. Young Roosevelt soon began reading about courageous men and had a deep desire to be like them. Theodore Roosevelt then grew up and became the man we read about in history books today, a strong
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To be an effective leader doesn't mean to have good intentions, or want the best for your community. To be an effective leader means that you are able to make the people around you agree with you and want to follow you. Multiple leaders in history have demonstrated this, even the ones with malicious intentions. The strongest qualities of an effective leader are not their actions or their power, but their presentation. If you can put yourself out there in a convincing manner than you have what it takes to be a strong leader. Powerful leaders must have support from their fellow citizens, and the way to achieve that is by having strong confidence, being inspirational, and having strong

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