Personal Narrative: My Experience As A College Advisor

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I can’t believe I have been working as a writing advisor for half a semester already! I still remember when I was putting together my application and how nervous I felt during the interview. In these past weeks I have learned tutoring strategies that have not only shaped me as a college advisor, but will be of great help when I go back home this summer to work as an ESL summer school teacher. I have enjoyed writing letters every week to Eleanor because get the opportunity to just sit down and reflect on how my journey as a writer is going, something I would not do if these letters were not an assignment. Now I am able to do and overview of my thoughts and concerns during these past weeks, and meditate on the writer and tutor I have become. …show more content…
Brainstorming and outlines are two strategies that I have found helpful in my conferences. When I have conversations with my advisees about the main points of their papers and how they tie to each other, I’ve noticed that it is hard for them to explain what they have written just by looking at their essay. With an outline they reflect on their ideas and notice on their own what needs to be fixed, what could be replaced, and if there is a connecting thread in the text. Now that I have started my second round of conferences, I have noticed that the structure and logic of my advisees’ papers have improved greatly. It feels so rewarding to see that they did not use my advice to enhance their assignments to get a good grade, but that they are in fact becoming better writers. This is what I was thought to be one of my goals as a writing advisor, and I feel happy to see that I have not failed to do

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