Personal Narrative: A Career In A Community College

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When I had my first meeting about my senior year schedule and my counselor told me I could graduate early, I immediately said yes. I didn’t think about all that would go along with it and at the time I had no idea so in an attempt to convince me not to graduate early, my counselor told me to think about it and really weigh out my options. I thought about it a lot and didn’t see a single reason against it. 2 weeks later, after speaking to my parents I went right back to him and told him I am graduating early. He then asked me what's my plan. My plan? I thought “I don't know maybe I’ll work a lot,” I said and that wasn’t good enough, he told me I need to have a plan.
I’ve never really had a plan in my life. I go with the flow and it usually works out well for me. I waited a few weeks and I talked to
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Despite the fact that I’m juggling two english classes, two history classes, electives and math all on top of that, I didn't know what stress was before this year. On top of my college searching and registering for community college classes I decided to get another job!
I have worked since I was 16 years old and so far I’ve had 4 jobs. One job I’ve kept consistently but I figured with college, I would need more money so i recently got a job at starbucks too. Now I work about every weekday including Sundays at starbucks and I work long Saturdays as a receptionist at a hair salon and in the midst of all that I go to school for 8 hours a day and just go about my life like a regular teenager. But I’m not a regular teenager.
All these new events have brought me so much stress in my life lately but it’s been the best thing ever. I’ve taken responsibility for my life, i’ve learned how to organize my life. I have no time to mess around yet im still maintaining above a 3.4 GPA. A couple weeks ago I’d say my life was falling apart but as of now i think it’s never been more

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