Importance Of Air Safety In Aviation

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There are number of risk involved in the aviation especially in the terms of operation and safety as internal safety of the aircraft is an inherent function of management. Modifications and improvement in safety is a continual process however there are much safety kept in the form clothing, noise control, temperature and electrical control. For the aircraft there are fabrics for fire safety and precaution like Nomex, Kevlar and PBI. For fire safety and protection at high temperature PBI is the most preferred as it is the engineered blend of Nomex and Kevlar (Jackson, 1999). Protection against several environmental factors like temperature, freezing, rain must be adequately subjected. Icing is the oldest problem and is one of the most dangerous …show more content…
Icing in the aircraft and that may cause damage to grid power line and wind turbines and it is cleaned by propylene glycol. Severe icing problems may lead to damage to engines to avoid these situations anti-icing hot air is use to remove the ice. Windscreen of the aircraft is prepared by tempered glass material having thin film composed of SnO2 and vinyl layer which is hot blended and encapsulated with temperature sensors (termistor) within. Icing causes damage in engine as accumulated ice can damage turbine blades that can douse the ignition system. There are several cases of icing led in-flight dual-engine flame extinction (Neese, 1999). Noise is caused in the aircraft by aerodynamic interaction between air and the landing gears at surface of aircraft. In the aircraft noise is produced by transmission system, jet efflux, rotors, propellers and electrical actuators. Access of sound may lead to stressful environment in the cabin and hearing empairment. Insertable-type earplugs most prevalent protection against noise, earphone made up by polyurethane and is inexpensive, comfortable and effective approach. If noise is above ambient level ( i.e above 115 dB) it is recommended to wear combination earplugs along with earmuffs or combination headsets (Antunano & …show more content…
• Personnel should be well trained in all tasks they are expected to carry every task reasonably and should be proficient at these tasks. Staff should demonstrate their nurturing ability to handle the tasks required of them and this should be well documented.
• Processes, standards and procedures need to be clearly followed by a team leader who is empowered to ensure they are followed. Processes need to be continuously followed and the level of standards and procedures helps to achieve this.
• For the new recruits processes should be documented and form the basis of staff training. The Aerodrome Manual is an important part of the documentation and communication of certain processes to other airfield

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