Ethics And Social Justice Case Study

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Ethics and Social Justice
Code of Ethics
According to Cooper (2012), codes of ethics are what provides the external controls for the organization. The beliefs, mission and vision are the guiding force for the employee’s professional behavior. Schein (1985) is an identified group (organization) having shared history and long standing tradition (Kurtz, 2003). Within a faith based organization, the assumption is that the creation of policies and practice will be of the highest ethical standards.
Employees are also expected to provide services within the scope of their training and expertise. Employees are also expect to provide services that are new to them only after adequate training and appropriate supervision and consultation, consistent
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They want to know about their mental and medical problems; they also expect that the human service professional will act with virtuous manner, they expect people to be honest, have intellectual integrity, compassion and humility when providing service. They expect dedication and the ability to make sound ethical decisions when providing service.
Ethics is the study of values and how to define the right and wrong actions (Van Wart, 1996, Menzel, 1999; Cooper 2001, 20012). According to O’Leary, (2014), ethics is more than thoughts on right and wrong it is the footwork, the actions that people take as a result of ethics.
A brief explanation of the relationship between ethics and professional responsibility can be explained descriptively or normatively. According to Cooper (2012), descriptive in essence is making sense of a person’s beliefs or assumptions and how that is linked to their behavior. Normatively attempts to look at behaviors or conduct and defend how it is better to act this way then someone else who might act another
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He saw distributive justice as the equal distribution of shares among people that are equal and unequal distribution among people who are unequal.
Ethical decision making is not easy and it I complex in nature an no one model will address moral dilemmas. Where associated with American Counseling Association, The National Association of Social Workers or your organizations code of ethics. All codes follow similar principles.
They all address diversity factors, dignity and respect for clients, mention the well-being of clients, they state that discrimination and exploitation is unethical. Codes address the importance of honesty, social justice, and cooperation with professionals, advancement, and contributing to your field. Codes address competence, consultation, supervision, the rights of clients and responsible conduct when addressing the public.
In Essence the code of ethics is the balance between ethics and law, and the mandate to report ethical violation of colleagues (American Psychological Association, 2002; American Psychiatric Association, 2009; American Counseling Association, 2005; The National Association of Social Workers,

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