Community Service Experience Essay

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When I was in fifth grade, my family and I took a trip to South India. While we were there, we visited some of my maternal aunts and uncles in a village in Sarjapur. Their living conditions were very poor, their houses cramped with just bare necessities, and they spent most of the day working on a farm to raise money for their family. After this experience, I felt blessed to have a nice house to live in and an ample amount of food and clothing, and I decided I wanted to share that blessing with others.
When we returned, I started looking for community service opportunities. I volunteered to pack food packs or make sandwiches for needy families, conduct cloth drives and pack hygiene kits for the homeless. Five years later, I am now the youth
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When I was in fifth grade, my grandfather passed away due to cancer. A year and a half later, my father also fell sick. Being the eldest child of my south-asian family, I was responsible for taking care of my younger siblings for the week he was at the hospital and the four months afterwards so my mother could take care of him. Later in high school, my mother underwent three major surgeries as well. Although it was a challenging period in my life, I managed to overcome it by embracing my responsibilities at home and simultaneously challenging myself academically. My parents raised me with a strong foundation of faith and family, giving me the strength and focus to …show more content…
As a young Indian Muslim who has witnessed first hand the situation in not just America but countries elsewhere, I can bring a new perspective to the university and learn from the perspective of those around me in order to see the world in a new lense. I also look forward to making full use of the university’s science resources and facilities as a student and in the future when working in the field. As an advocate for community service, my goals are to work on projects both on and off campus that will impact the lives of the community at UW and the greater community as

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