Importance and Tools for Teaching Self Control to Children Essays

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SELF CONTROL What is self control? Self-control is the restraint of one's emotions, desires, or inclinations. Many people and parents believe children just learn self control on their own and will eventually grow out of their bad behaviors and everything else. The truth though is whatever the teachers are teaching them in a regular school is not helping them with self control at all. Well on the other hand, self control can be taught to young children to fix bad behaviors and low test scores. The big question though is can self control really be taught to children at an early age? Studies and programs have proven this to be completely possible and effective. Self control can be taught to children through a variety of programs by helping …show more content…
One of another game they do to teach the children self control is called the “Freeze Game”. The game is sort of like musical chairs only the teacher is holding up a stick figure pose and when the music stops children have to do the pose instead of rushing to sit in the chair. Its main purpose is to build self regulation. According to Celeste Merriweather, “the important part of the Freeze game is the practice of controlling impulses by observing the stick figure without immediately doing as the stick figure does”(Spiegel). Overall, this programs main focus is to get children to interact with each other especially by specific kinds of play. The results have just astonished many people. It has proven that self control can be taught by just some simple games in a classroom. Children just need to be built up on their cognitive development to be able to accomplish self control of their behavior and knowledge. Naturally, while all the play that children have been doing might not have looked like much, it actually has helped build a cognitive skill called executive function. This is the skill children need to learn to build self control. This is what the Tools of mind programs helps to accomplish. According to Spiegel from NPR, the activities that parents buy for their children now such as video games or guitar lessons because they feel it will help their children to excel, actually it is not helping at all. According to Adele Diamond and Deborah Leong “The

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