Implementation Of The Residency Program Essay

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Implementation of the residency program is the next step. Recruitment and training of mentors or preceptors and curriculum development would be implemented incrementally according to the organization and specific unit goals and or needs. By implementing the change incrementally, the residency program can be evaluated and modified as the program expands and new problems develop. Once the program has been modified, accepted, and formalized it can then be incorporated hospital wide. Of course, the program can be modified to become unit specific based upon patient acuity levels or organizational needs. This portion of the phase would eliminate the need for a change agent and the relationship would likely dissolve.
Target Population Assumptions BCH operating income is community donated. The limited amount of resources for the operation cost of BCH to provide the community with the best quality of care puts the budget into a tight restraint leaving little room for improved education programs such as the NGNR program. Evidence based research will be presented to the cost effectiveness of retaining new nurses by utilizing the residency program. Resistance from management may be an issue because of financing this change proposal; however, literature reviews and statistical evidence of the return investment from successful residency programs at other facilities will be presented along with the plan of change. Resistance from the unit employees coupled with a lack of willing…

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