Implementation Of Nurse Recruitment In Nursing

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Implementation of the residency program is the next step. Recruitment and training of mentors or preceptors and curriculum development would be implemented incrementally according to the organization and specific unit goals and or needs. By implementing the change incrementally, the residency program can be evaluated and modified as the program expands and new problems develop. Once the program has been modified, accepted, and formalized it can then be incorporated hospital wide. Of course, the program can be modified to become unit specific based upon patient acuity levels or organizational needs. This portion of the phase would eliminate the need for a change agent and the relationship would likely dissolve.
Target Population Assumptions
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The hospital will implement the program using the same training curriculum utilized in the trial program, but will be tailored to fit each specific units goals, needs, and patient population. The implementation period will be one year, which at that time a reduction of new graduate nurse turnover rates should be evident with a reduction rate of at least 15%. This reduction percentage is achievable and measurable. The goal of nurse retention in addition to the aforementioned short term goals will be achieved and measurably improve the pre program implementation nursing retention level by 15% or greater. The goals and objectives will be mutually agreed upon by all unit managers and administrative management. Literature review shows that these goals are realistic, achievable, and measurable. Research indicates that nurse retention rates is one of the most beneficial outcomes of nurse residency programs. Another benefit of the program will be the improved culture of team work and collaboration among health care teams. All of these goals will be achieved within one year of the hospital wide …show more content…
BCH strives to abide by federal and state mandates and legislation; however, as previously mentioned it is a not-for-profit organization with a very strict budget. Increasing the budget for a new residency program will be difficult to obtain. BCH is receptive to cost saving ideas and given all the evidence based research on the cost effective and financially beneficial aspects of a residency program, the administration will consider the program based on their mission and value statement of employee

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