Essay about Implementation Of An Effective Leader

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Implementation should be a simultaneous process of the factors considered in the recommendation. However, the first step should be to explore the manager itself. Ron would have to make a conscious effort to find out if he has been an effective leader. At times people might have a totally different perspective of themselves compared with what others may consider. Therefore, the first implementation regards to Ron; he must take several assessments to explore if his management style and personality are the most adequate to lead AISG members to be successful in their job and keeping them motivated. Ron can be acquainted with the best motivational theories, but if he is a despot, or does not have the necessary tools, he would not be able to motivate his team members. The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory (KCSI) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) might be two suitable tools for such means.

The KCSI is a psychometrically valid culturally flexible conflict style assessment that helps users to identify their preferred style of conflict management (Ellis, 2010). Ron can take this assessment by itself or take it previous to a trainer-led workshop. The KCSI scores users on five different styles of conflict: directing, avoiding, harmonizing, cooperating, and compromising. It specifies which conflict styles the user favours most and least; highlighting its strengths and weakness points. Importantly it provides advice for improving weaknesses. The user also has the option to work…

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