Implement The Above Management Technique, Business Process Improvement, For Five Below, Inc.

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To implement the above management technique; business process improvement, for Five Below, Inc., it would be best to start with forming a process improvement team, instruct them and or train them in regards to business process improvement (BPI), and then create a plan of implementation. Utilizing information provided by Doss and Kamery (2006), there are steps that are needed. The first step of implementing business process improvement, the improvement must be organized. Organizing consists of constructing understanding, commitment, and understanding, which would include training, communication that is effective, a definition of what customers require and an examination of processes. The process must be understood, which this would be the second step (p. 144).
All dimensions of the business process should be understood, for this to happen, a definition of the process should be included and a description of the boundaries and scope, also utilize a flow-chart, which will give visual information, as well as expanding on what customers’ expectations are. The third step in the implementation would be to streamline, which means to make an effort at improving effectiveness, adaptability, and efficiency of the process. In this step, the implementation will want to eliminate any bureaucracy, expand on team building, and identify any and all opportunities for improvement. The fourth step would consist of controls and measurements, which this step involves implementing a system, which…

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