Imperialism Is Not A Good Policy For Democracy Essay

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In the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s it was a time where America finally stopped isolating itself and got involved in world affairs. There was a big competition between American and European countries seeing who had more influence on the world. The United States went to war with Spain in order to help Cuba gain their independence. After Cuba was free from Spain, America was given the Philippines as a gift even though we promised the Filipinos independence our only choice was to annex it. This led to a rebellion against America. Imperialism is the domination over a country or region culturally, economically or politically. Imperialism was not proper and a legitimate policy for the United States to use at the beginning of the 20th century as imperialism ruined our reputation as an advocate for democracy. It look like we treated non-euro countries unfairly but it did improve our trade relations and access to resources for the 2nd Industrial revolution.

Imperialism is not a good policy for the United States as it discredited our reputation as an advocate for democracy. In Mark Twain 's essay ‘To the Person Sitting in the Darkness’ he talks about how our actions in Cuba were “honorable and righteous.” But yet our actions in the Philippines had affected our reputation as a proponent for democracy. The United States actions in Cuba were honorable as we were advocating for democracy we wanted to help the unstable country prosper, while as the United States actions in the…

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