Essay on Imparting Effective Communication Skills: a Need of Today

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1) Verbal Communication:-

The word Communication is derived from the Latin word Communicare which means to share. Communication is always done through a sophisticated system of symbols, it means words. While communicating one person speak and other listens to be able to react. Thus, conversation can be informative in the form of statements, questions, a negotiation, instructions etc. In this process, affinity, reality and communication these three elements are equally important. Though a message can be conveyed by means other than words, but very less information can be conveyed without uttering words. Speaking very softly, speech problems, too long sentences, interruption, mumbling, hearing problems and loud external noises etc. are all barriers in proper communication.

2) Non-verbal Communication:-

While communicating often various non-verbal signals are used. These non-verbal signals give meaning to what is said and communicate both rejection and appreciation. Non-verbal communication is also called body language or wordless communication. It includes the tone of voice, a nod of head, eye contact, body posture, facial expression, using silence, body movement, gesture, frowning, smiling, touch, shaking of the head, distance between persons, hand movement etc. By developing the ability to comprehend and use of non-verbal communication one can easily connect with
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