Essay on Impact of New Media on Society - Smartphones

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Impact of New Media on Society: Smartphones
The term ‘new media’ is one that is constantly evolving, and on a daily basis, encompassing more as well as newer and innovative elements in it. In the broadest sense, it is the opposite of ‘traditional media’, which includes print, television and film, and radio. According to New Media Basics, new media is essentially interactive, and it includes a host of communication mechanisms that revolve around the internet, and include elements such as e-mail, social networks, websites, blogs, online videos and pictures etc. And new media also includes new media devices and technologies such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, i-pods, and a host of other devices, which also includes smartphones,
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Students can even download or stream class podcasts on their phones, and listen to it at a later time, and to utilize otherwise ‘dead time’ (for instance, commuting, travelling, waiting for lift/cab etc.)
This paper explored an up and coming sector, which has accelerated, and has also come to be entir ely defined by smartphones: ‘m-Learning’. M stands for ‘mobile’, which in turn stands for ‘on the move’. MLearning evolved from eLearning, since in this day and age, with the spread of smartphones and tablets, people are mobile, on the go, while they are acquiring knowledge, skill and information. According to
Tella, an m-Learner can access and work on his smartphone at any given point, at any given time, and thus it means the decentralization of information handling.

According to USA Today, schools and universities globally are spending a large part of their budget on smartphones and tablets as a mode to attract students to their institutions as they have realized that it

is such an important element in supplementing education.

However, students are not all praise either for their smartphones. They have found smartphones to be very intrusive. With the ever increasing pressure of studies, they feel that they cannot get away, as their smartphones are always with them, allowing them to get notifications and calls for duty by their class

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