Impact Of Western Religions On Same Sex Marriage Essay

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The Impact of Western Religions on Same Sex Marriage
Through out history discrimination has always played a role in society. Weather it be in the time of the crusades or the holocaust, discrimination towards, race, gender, religion and sexuality will always exist. Religions are normally the first groups to decide what they believe is right and wrong on a specific subject and most likely influence the majority of the population. For the most obvious reasons many people believe western religions have only hindered the movement for same sex marriage, but a less obvious view point is that as western religions, like Christianity, Judaism and Islam, begin to accept homosexuality they are helping the cause more than ever before.
From riots and protests to bullying and abuse, these are the images that fill many people’s minds when it comes to religion’s stance on homosexuality and same sex marriage. Many people although not an active part of the protest could not agree more. Others find are shocked by such archaic beliefs. Because of these actions many people view religion as a huge obstacle for the Lesbian and Gay Community to overcome. According to the Huffington Post Article “Kansas Pastor Curtis Knapp: Government Should Kill Gays, But 'They Won’t’”, a Baptist pastor in Kansas actually condemned gays and said that the government should put them to death. Not all Christian denominations or pastors are this radical, however, people like this pastor are greatly hindering the LGBT…

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