Impact of Technologies on Teenagers Essay

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The Impact of Technologies on Teenagers
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Nowadays, information technologies play a significant role in the modern world. Information technologies have a long history. Some technologies were created a few years ago, while some technologies are comparatively new. Technologies have penetrated all spheres of human activities: education, politics, trade, medicine, and this list can be prolonged. Television and phones are considered to be the primary technologies which appeared in the life of human beings. New technologies were produces in great amounts. Nonetheless, people used those technologies to simplify the process of
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People spend much time talking over the phones with people from other countries, but they deprive their dearest people of communication. Mobile phones produce a great impact on teenagers. Teenagers use mobile phones for the majority of their time. Sometimes, they use phones for useless purposes: they play games during lessons; they type messages, making a number of grammar mistakes; they talk over phones for hours; they share the details of their private life, depriving themselves of privacy. Using mobile phones, teenagers contribute to the development of illiteracy: they may mishear or miss some important information during lessons; they develop poor literacy skills and abilities, as they type messages, making many mistakes, which influence their academic skills and abilities in general. Many teenagers are fond of sharing their private life. S. Youn pointed out that “this age group (12-13 years) has the ability to appreciate risks caused by privacy loss and link such perceived risks to their privacy protection behaviors, in general” (Youn, 2009, p. 389). Regardless of the disadvantages which are cause by mobile phones, there are many advantages as well. First and foremost, teenagers can keep in touch with their parents and inform them of their plans for a day and, as a result, parents can take control of their children. In emergent

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