Immigration Issues In America

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Immigration becomes a very important problem the United States encountered today. There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants from all around the world move to the United States ever year. All these immigrants have many different reasons and motivations. Some hoping to find a better paying job, some hoping to live a better life, some wanting to have a better education, and some are escaping from their home country because of political issues. In other people’s eyes, they might think all these immigrants live a better lifestyle than before, but in reality, their lives here in the U.S are very hard. They face a lot of inequality in the work force and also because of culture barrier, it is very hard for them to blend in to the
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They can be people who are migrant workers, temporarily foreign workers, business migrant, or undocumented immigrants. Undocumented immigrants are people who migrate to other country in a way that violates the destination country’s immigration laws. They usually move from a poorer country to a richer country and they believe that their lives would be a lot better than in their home country. In one of the speech President Obama made on immigration, he summarized the need for revision on the immigration laws and also wanted an immigration reform. President Obama wants to reduce the number of illegal immigrants while maintain or increase the number of legal …show more content…
Cuellar De Osorio, affects the immigrants positively. Because of the delays cause by visa quotas and backlogs in the United States immigration system, many of the underage children, who their parents applied for a family-sponsored visa, had turned twenty-one. Based on the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), children who are twenty-one or older need to turn in the immigration application by themselves as an adult application; they cannot apply for the family-sponsored visas with their families. As a result, many of their applications turned into adult applications from child applications, and they need to wait even longer to get their visas because all their applications are moved to the bottom of the adult application list. The respondents ask the federal district court in the United States and the district court asks the Board to keep their children’s original visa filing dates, rather than the date where they view their applications. The Board denied the request. Later, the respondents appealed the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Where they argue about the Child Status Protection Act and this act stated that the Board should be able to keep the children’s original application dates for visa applications. As a result, justice Elena kagan stated that the Child Status Protection Act should be able to allow the children to keep their original application date in some situation, but not in others.

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