Immigration Struggles

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The Struggle to Succeed To enjoy and have a substantial life, growing up in a well fit environment is necessary. People, places, and problems help shape someone’s life so they can prosper. Immigration in the late 1800s was a struggle to succeed, the new life in a strange place with promises is a risk people were willing to take. Although most scenarios were not positive, the immigrants experience was life changing, the travel to The United States, the processing and the settling all corrupted or bettered their life.
Starting a new life in The United States, was a complicated decision several had to make. Traveling to the United States was a way to escape a great number of persecutions and discriminating views from religion or political ideas. Immigrants yearned for a better life, and the
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Some common problems of starting life after being processed were unemployment, homelessness, and homesickness. Immigrants would get any job for any money, usually earning less than people working before them. The textile industry was a common career chosen, lots of people worked in sweatshops, workers were paid by the garment this was one way to make a living, women and children could work to make even more money. Immigrants with skills from their homeland for example, bakers, masons and carpenters. Several people were homeless and had to live in crowded rooms with multiple other people, called tenements. Tenements were cheap so they were the necessary choice, but they were unsanitary and uncomfortable. Leaving home is a hard thing to do and multiple people were homesick, to overcome this they lived near people of the same ethnicity and started shops, like bakeries, that had their home lands foods that reminded immigrants of where they grew up. Although problems were faced they could be overcome and were so immigrants could try to make the best out of their

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