Essay On Progressive Reformers

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1.Immigrants faced harsh conditions when moving to American cities, yet the conditions for many were superior to those of what they were used to. Cities provided immigrants with wages, something many immigrants had not been given before. However, the huge amounts of immigrants required cheap housing near the jobs. This would lead to the creation of tenements, which were building stacked 5-6 stories high which took in approximately 20 families. These tenements were often ridden with disease and unhygienic conditions as well as cramped space. Progressive reformers attempted to solve these problems by first attempting to lure citizens to become tenement investors and then attempted to create house law, such as New York’s Tenement House Law of 1901 which had no effect on tenement conditions. Progressive reformers then targeted the poor people as well as poor health conditions. News reporters attempted to expose corrupt political officials of the political machines. Journalists such as Jacob Riis took photographs of tenement conditions and published them in his book “How the Other Half Lives. Reformers also targeted public health and tried to make cities more beautiful to live in. They started the “City Beautiful” movement which advocated better urban spaces, such as places with tennis courts and ice rinks. Lastly, progressive reformers …show more content…
The elite, as well as some of the middle class had access to the electric trolley system and could afford more expensive, private housing. Unfortunately, for many of the immigrants who moved to the United States, money was not a premium and they had to find cheap housing near their low paying jobs. They were forced to cramp in tenements,which had horrid conditions and terrible diseases. The difference between their living condition and that of the elite truly portrayed a divided social

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