Illegal Immigration Report

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A Report on Illegal Immigration Most of the immigrants who come to the USA look for a better for a better way to live. I want to write about this topic because I’m interested in why people think that illegal immigration is a big deal. In this report I will be discussing why immigrants come to America, deportation, and the economic issues we have with the immigrants.
Many immigrants come to America legally, but some immigrants come illegally. About 11 million immigrants have come to the US illegally in 2014 (illegal immigration Population Statistics).Illegal immigration occurs when a person or people enter a country while violating the country’s immigration laws. Some immigrants believe that coming to America would take too long for them or
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A concerned citizen could call the police and tell them where the illegals are. The authorities would come to arrest the illegal(s), and then deport them. Even though it sounds easy as 1-2-3, the cost to send them back is expensive. First, the police need to find out where they came from, then they need to buy bus tickets or plane tickets to wherever they came from to deport them. This is why deporting illegals is low. In 2014, 315,943 illegals were deported from the US back to their own country (illegal immigration Population Statistics). Most illegals are usually safe from deportation unless they have committed a crime or attracted too much attention to …show more content…
Illegals who come to America look forward to a better place. For the people who live in America, they feel quite the opposite. Americans think that because immigrants come illegally they think that illegals are making America worse than before because while, both the Americans and the illegals have jobs, only the Americans are required to pay taxes. The illegal immigrants get to keep all the money because they do not have the documentation in order to pay taxes. This means that while they could use health care benefits and other benefits they do not pay the taxes for the benefits. This actually hurts this country because they do not give back money for services provided for this country. Instead, they give most of the money they made for themselves back to their country to give it to their poor families and friends who do not have

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