Persuasive Essay About Living In America

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The United States of American is known as the country of possibilities. If you are living in America people use the phrase that you’re living the “American Dream”, meaning living in the United States will give you equal opportunity to achieve and be successful. Being successful is what everyone wants but sometimes it’s harder to achieve than others. Unlike people who are born and raised in America, others have to move to America first in order to live how they want too. If you don’t live in America you have to go through many procedures to obtain a visa. The process can be expensive and can be time consuming and some people can’t wait for that. There are tests that must be passed, fees to be paid and, paperwork to be filed. Some people move …show more content…
That’s one of the main reasons people immigrate to new lands, is to make a better life for themselves and avoid being in poverty. Undeveloped or dangerous countries are not places where someone would want to raise their children, so I understand why people move to different areas. I don’t necessarily think illegal immigrants are bad people because the majorities just want to live, simple fact.
The whole situation can be complicated because we all want to please as many people we can. It’s really difficult because no one wants to break up a family. The back fall is that rules are rules and we are meant to follow them. It reminds me of a double edge sword; no matter where your stab, both parties will be affected. If you deport someone back to the originally area First, you’re spending a great deal of money and Secondly you may be separating someone from their
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No one wants to live in poverty all their lives, especially their children so that’s why I feel we should try and work with system and aid illegal immigrants and give them a better life that we as America represent. Like I’ve said before, we are a country that is supposed to be aiders; the US is known as the land of opportunity. I strongly disagree with deportation, why remove someone back to the place they are trying to avoid, only putting them in poverty and possibly death. I believe if we try hard enough we can aid as many illegal immigrants as we can. To me they are already citizens; they just don’t have the

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