Deportation Argumentative Analysis

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Deportations is a start to a very in depth solution, and it is now when the United States needs to start acting to progressively solve this issue. The country is very split on how they feel about deportation, but it overall is in the best interest of the American people economically and it will better provide safety for the American people. It is proven that deportation not only works, but as well deters illegal immigrants. Donald Mann in his article, “The Unabated Flow of Illegal Immigrants Must Be Stopped,” mentions how in 1954 the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service deported one million illegal immigrants in just a few months, which produced tens of thousands self-deportations as well as suppressed illegal immigrants from coming …show more content…
Steven Camarota states, “If illegal aliens were given amnesty and began to pay taxes and use services like households headed by legal immigrants with the same education levels, the estimated annual net fiscal deficit would increase from $2,700 per household to nearly $7,700, for a total net cost of $29 billion.” The reason why the deficit would increase this significantly is the fact that the United States by granting amnesty would now give illegal immigrants the total benefits that American citizens have costing the American taxpayers even more money. The majority of illegal immigrants do not even have a high school education, which means they would be working low wage jobs, making it to where they would not be able to make enough money to pay taxes that would profit our economy, yet they would be taking substantially more money from the benefits they receive and not even be close to be able to contribute the amount of money they are receiving back into the system. One major con that also goes along with granting ten million plus illegal immigrants amnesty is that the United States is causing a double standard, they would practically be rewarding those who broke this nations law to get into the country. This would likely encourage many other immigrants to cross illegally hoping to receive amnesty as well, therefore amnesty would not only hurt the economy, set a double standard, but would also cause a massive flow of more illegal immigrants into America. That is why amnesty should not be a solution for fixing the problem of illegal

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