Immigrants Were Treated Well During The 1950s And 1960s Essay

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The sources do not support the statement according to which immigrants were treated well during the 1950s and 1960s.
Most of the sources indicate that the immigrants were badly treated. Source A for example shows that in areas of employment, immigrants were not treated equally to the White Britons. The number of White Britons offered a job is 15, whereas for the Hungarians it is 10, and for Black Britons it is 1. Black Britons were statistically the most discriminated against, which was most likely due to skin colour; the number of Hungarians – who were white – offered a job was much higher, despite them also being immigrants. However, the Hungarians were still offered fewer jobs than the White Britons. This suggests that some of the discrimination was because of immigration prejudices, and not just skin colour. Although a limitation of the table is that it only talks about employment, there is nothing that states that this is the only area they faced discrimination, and it does show that in at least one way, they were not treated well. Therefore, source A does not support the statement that immigrants were treated well.
Source B (unintentionally) reinforces the idea that immigrants were not treated well. The source was taken from an article about the Race Relations Act. The Act forbids racial discrimination in employment, housing and services. The writer’s tone is dismissive of the Act, claiming that it is a ‘dose of well meaning foolishness’, which shows they think it is…

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