Immigration Changes In America

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This Nation consists of a melting pot of race and culture primarily due to immigration. Many individuals perceive immigration with a negative connotation. However, the problems do not reside with the people who persist on trying to come in to America but the process of doing so. The policies to obtain a visa should be changed because the process last too long. Trying to receive U.S. citizenship holds in a matter of who gets lucky. The immigration policies need to be changed due to very strict policies for becoming a citizen in the United States, and many parents come illegally with children causing fear of deportation and other complications for the children of those immigrant. The implications in the polices consist of families who are kept …show more content…
For instance, “Although many are concerned that immigrants compete against Americans for jobs, the most recent economic evidence suggests that, on average, immigrant workers increase the opportunities and incomes of Americans. Based on a survey of the academic literature, economists do not tend to find that immigrants cause any sizeable decrease in wages and employment of U.S.-born citizens (Card 2005), and instead may raise wages and lower prices in the aggregate”(Costa). This means that Americans should desire immigration because it opens many doors for American employment. Another example, “Because of these factors, economists have found that immigrants slightly raise the average wages of all U.S.-born workers. As illustrated by the right-most set of bars in the chart below, estimates from opposite ends of the academic literature arrive at this same conclusion, and point to small but positive wage gains of between 0.1 and 0.6 percent for American workers”(Costa). Americans do not seek the same jobs that immigrates seek. While immigrants usually work low skill labor jobs, Americans look for higher paying jobs and more advanced skilled labor. However, if more opportunity arose for immigrants in America then the immigrants could be equalized and receive the same treatment as every American. However, the same favorable circumstances are not given to immigrants, and immigrants do not seek the same opportunities. For example, “In 2012, 39.4 percent of Americans between 25 and 64 had at least a two-year college degree. That was up from 38.7 percent in 2011, the largest single year gain since 2008. But Lumina is promoting a college degree attainment goal of 60 percent by 2025 and the current upward trend isn’t happening fast enough to get us there.”(Calvert) The evidence consist, that many Americans seek to obtain a higher education. America needs to give Immigrates the opportunity to move

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