Immigrants Are Not To Blame For Unemployment Essay

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Would you say that Immigrants are to blame for unemployment? Many americans blame the immigrants for being jobless but in reality they should blame themselves. Immigrant is such a harsh word especially when they are here to have and to give a better future to their families but not everyone sees it that way. In order to understand that you would have to come from a family of immigrants like I did. Immigrants are hard workers, motivated, and at most times successful.

In the article “Are Illegal Immigrants Not to Blame for Unemployment” by Susan Milligan, she clearly states they do the jobs that Americans won’t do. In the past years there has been an increase on how many immigrants have been crossing the border and americans see it as a threat. They never complain when they see that they are usually the ones that are mowing there lawns, building there houses, cooking their food at a restaurant, or even picking out the
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He literally started from being this farmers kid from a small ranch. He saw something bigger for himself and was the first to leave the house at 13 years old, with him still having both parents in Mexico. He finally got to the U.S. at 15 and hoped from job to job, i honestly till this day don 't know how he did it. He eventually got a position a a general manager at a taco shop because he was a hard worker and worked shift after shift with no sleep sometimes. His hard worked paid off when he became the owner of the taco shop and with sweat, tears, and no sleep he began a chain of shops. 1 became 2 and 2 became 4 and 4 became 6 and from there he made them into a corporation. Till this day he still wakes up every morning and still goes to work, even though he is know the president of his company , he has taught us that you should never stop putting it your all because from one day to another you can loose it all. He defines in my eyes a successful

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