Why Do Immigrants Work Harder

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The debate about who works harder in this country has been an argument that never goes away. There are many ways to view this question, but most often the argument often favors immigrants. The question itself could be tricky depending on the context, but there is no doubt to the fact that immigrants work harder in the United States comparing to native-born Americans. Many Americans get offended by this, but really they should not be taking offense. Native born Americans have privileges that immigrants will never have no matter how long they are in this country. Native born Americans have many opportunities compared to immigrants so they do not have to work as hard. Immigrants work very hard in this country and they do some of the most difficult jobs that are not wanted by native-born Americans. Immigrants work harder in America than native-born Americans.

First, immigrants go through a lot of rules to secure a work permit in America. Immigrants go through a difficult process to
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There is a saying that “America was built by immigrants”. The privilege that native-born Americans have does not need them to work harder for jobs and many other things. Immigrants on the other hand start their lives from scratch in America. They work harder because they have nothing; this does not mean that native-born Americans are lazy. Immigrants do the jobs that native-born Americans don’t want to do, and they accept lower wages. Corporations are the main employers of immigrants, both for skilled and unskilled labor. Corporations hire immigrants to the hard work because they work harder for lower wages and they can also control them. Also, many immigrants grow up the principle of harder to get a better life. These are why immigrants work harder than native-born Americans. Native born Americans should not take offense that immigrants work harder because this is a fact and does not mean they are

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