Undocumented Immigration Thesis

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Critical Preface After the Earthquakes that took place in Haiti in 2010, my best friend and her mother travel to the U.S. by visa to escape the poverty and misery. Until now, both her and her mother are undocumented. Her journey and the struggles she has dealt with, has brought me to explore the lives of immigrants, especially in Boston, Massachusetts. Which is why my research question is what opportunities are available to immigrants in the U.S., specifically in Boston?. During my research, I would like to figure out if there are any opportunities for immigrants, how they differ to undocumented and documented immigrants, and in what ways can I or the Mayor improve them. Between the …show more content…
For my example, In the “Undocumented Immigrants Jobs” by Pamela, Constable, the article talks about undocumented workers working in low paying jobs, and since they are in the workforce, they in fact contribute to the economy. This article demands that undocumented people gets more jobs opportunities with higher pay so they can care for their families, and they deserve resources because they also pay taxes. On the other hand, the source “Yes, Immigrants Hurt American Workers” by the politico magazine argues that undocumented immigrants workers may or may not contribute to the economy, and that they take over the job that American citizens could of had. This source also leaned on the idea that the American people living either in Boston, or anywhere in the U.S. does not quite fully except that immigrants either documented or undocumented are working because that means less jobs for them. While the first source wants immigrants workers and argues that they contribute to the economy and are a great addition to this country, the other article oppose the idea that immigrants workers helps the economy, and American citizens cannot seem to process the idea. The last article also mentioned Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s quotes, basically helping them as well as me, as the reader to better understand. Overall, there’s a controversy on which of them are right, but the impact of immigrants on jobs is important and needs to be discussed. They both relate to my research question since I am on a quest for the opportunities available to immigrants, and jobs are at the top of the list. In other words, no jobs, means no income, no income means no home, food, water and other necessities to

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