Montag's Immersion Of Technology Essay

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(AGG) What happens to someone when their life only centers around one thing? (BS-1) In the novel, most of the members of society live their life revolving around technology. (BS-2) As time moves on with their captivation in technology, the people in Montag’s society lose their traits that make them human. (BS-3) However, people who don't live their lives revolving around technology keep their human traits. (TS) People in Montag’s society lose so many traits that make them human because of their massive immersion in technology.

(MIP-1) In the novel, most of Montag’s society suffers from immersion into technology. (SIP-A) This immersion of technology begins in their childhood years, they have no say in this immersion. (STEWE-1) During school,
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(SIP-A) One trait that technology has robbed these people of is listening. (STEWE-1) People spend their time listening to the waves and music instead of people. “And in her ears the little Seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight, and an electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and music and talk coming in, coming in on the shore of her unsleeping mind. The room was indeed empty” (Bradbury 10). This shows how this piece of technology has robbed people the ability to listen to others. (STEWE-2) Since they don't listen to people, they can’t hold interesting conversations. “No, not anything. They name a lot of cars or clothes or swimming-pools mostly and say how swell! But they all say the same things and nobody says anything different from anyone else. And most of the time in the cafes they have the jokeboxes on and the same jokes most of the time, or the musical wall lit and all the coloured patterns running up and down, but it's only colour and all abstract. And at the museums, have you ever been? All abstract. That's all there is now. My uncle says it was different once. A long time back sometimes pictures said things or even showed people” (Bradbury 28). This shows how not only has technology robbed them of listening to people, it also robbed them of talking to them in an interesting manner. (SIP-B) So, since both of these traits are gone, all these people can do is take orders to make them feel safe. (STEWE-1) When a situation arrived the government ordered people to look out their doors for Montag. When the time comes to look, everyone does as commanded. “Of course! Why hadn't they done it before! Why, in all the years, hadn't this game been tried! Everyone up, everyone out! He couldn't be missed! The only man running alone in the night city, the only man proving his legs! At the count of ten now! One! Two! He felt the city rise” (Bradbury 132).

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