The Pedestrian And There Will Come Soft Rain: Critical Analysis

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We all know those people that can not peel themselves from their technology, whether it’s the CEO of a major business or a teenage girl, they walk with their faces lit with the screaming brightness of a phone. In modern society, if a person is found on social media it is considered cool, while reading is not. Recent society has become caught up in the latest movies, fashion trends, and social media. Ray Bradbury wrote of this happening all the way back in the 1950s! He wrote science fiction where humans have become obsessed with technology, nowadays, that is called reality. Bradbury wrote two novels in particular that sum up modern society; The Pedestrian and There Will Come Soft Rain. “The Pedestrian” is centered around a lonely Leonard Mead …show more content…
This is fatal considering that when people live they must talk to someone a colleague, boss, friend, or even teacher. The new developing social media has caused people to stay in their own world. Their own world often does not translate into the real world well. A recent study done by Hartford says that people who are considered “social butterflies” are people with a dangerous need for interaction but don 't know how to express themselves or conduct themselves in a social manner. While as chronic readers were also affected, they found it difficult to be social with others. What does this mean? This means that too much technology and too much reading can both cause anti-social tendencies, a balance needs to be obtained. In A Soft Rain Will Come the robot house conducts the humans to move and go about their day without any real interaction with one another. In modern day our buzzing phones and alarms tell us when to move and where to go, there is no real mental stimulation, most family members recently do not even eat together. Trapped in their own world, people who heavily use social media cannot translate their own language causing massive social

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