Illegal Immigration Should Be Granted Essay examples

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Illegal immigration is currently one of the most widely discussed topics. It seems like everyone has an opinion on this controversial subject. They are getting deported, sent to prison, and leaving behind families. Deserving illegals should be granted the right to remain in America because they pay the same taxes as U.S. citizens, help boost the economy, and families will not be separated. This is why Congress should give deserving undocumented migrants residency cards. If they pay taxes, but are still considered “illegal”, then why must the U.S. government still demand their cut from them? Unregistered aliens should be granted residency cards because they pay the same local and state taxes as US citizens. These “so-called intruders” should have access to the same government services as the naturalized residents of the United States. An estimated $11.84 billion was collected in 2012. (Gardner, Johnson and Weihe, par. 1). Nearly $12 billion funds education, healthcare, and public assistance. Although the outsiders pay significant taxes, they are not eligible for these services. Also, they contribute to public benefits such as Social Security without the intent of ever collecting benefits. The settlers are not going anywhere. Even if they get deported, they will only come back if given the opportunity. In 2014, the House of Representatives approved a budget of $5.4 billion for Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations. (National Immigration Forum Staff,…

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