Essay about Illegal Immigration Is The United States

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No permit, no passing, that is the law of the United States, however, illegal immigration is still a very relevant issue, mainly in the lower states, where illegal aliens plague the streets amongst hard-working taxpayers where the state of Washington neglects to see actual citizens overrun by foreigners. as made clear by the Native American Party, “these foreigners come here to benefit themselves, not from any love of us or our country” (63). Some may not be clear on what illegal immigration is; illegal immigration is the migration of foreigners to a country who are not legally eligible to migrate or decide to extend their stay for more than their granted time period in the United States. Illegal immigration is taxing the American dollar and a nation’s issue that needs to be dealt with in order to sustain the American way of life without the discovery of a nation 's end to existence. Whatever happens, immigrants get into this nation near freely, our nation feels obligated to let in and help those in need when we are struggling to support our own citizens. “Former N.Y. Mayor, Ed Koch, lamented in TV interviews that all it took to get through immigration at Kennedy airport was ‘two little words -- political refugee’” (Barnett 154). Anyone, even known thefts, murderers, and rapist are admitted with a successful claim of asylum seeking. Also, Barnett stated, “today, as before the 1996 reforms, any such individual can claim flight from persecution and, if the claim is…

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