Ignatian Values Essay

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Jemecho Torayno
Third-Year BS Psychology * He was an Asulite (a term used by those who undergo training in ASUL) in his first year in Xavier and then became a trainer for the new batch of Asulites the following year. * Aside from ASUL, his second year in Xavier was also spent in being actively involved in the AAM (Atenista Ako Movement) as the Director for Programs and Projects which includes various tasks of advocating CLAYGO and promoting anti-vandalism. * In the same year, he was also a member of STREAMS. * Now in his third year, he is back in ASUL as the President of the organization. He is presently the Director-General of the ASUL (Ateneo School for Upcoming Leaders) organization.

Group # 6
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Also, in terms anang mag-party party ka and all: Although daghan kaayog mga party nga gusto nimo apilan pero you have to focus to at least one party. Although murag nonsense ra kayo siya, pero naa biya uban party na birthday parties na magdungan-dungan. Naa’y times nga magdungan ang mga birthday parties, magdungan ang mga meetings, magdungan ang kuan…so unsa man imong i-prioritize, imong acads? Imong meeting? Imong lovelife? So you have to focus sa kung unsa ang dapat i-focus jud and ihatag nimo ang imong 100 percent.
Q: So as a student leader, this is how this value helps you in your activities?
A: Sa mga gadungan nga meetings lugar, muingon jud ko sa akong self na ipangwala sa nako ang uban kay imagine, kung nag-apil kag meeting at one pm, and gadali-dali ka kay naa sad kay other meeting at two pm, so dili nimo mahatag imong full effort ug imong mga ideas sa first meeting nimo kay daghan kaayo ka ug gihuna-huna about sa second meeting. Throughout the day, imo i-ensure sa imong self na sa imong mga meetings pa lang kay ma-balance nimo ang tanan and mahatag nimo imong full potential para ana. This is most especially kay student leader ko and daghan kaayog mga meetings—meetings didto and daghan kaayo ug gabuhaton.
Q: This is the last question, Kuya. Without this value, do you think that people can still be successful?
A: Depende gihapon, kay naa man gyapon uban tao nga buhat diri, buhat didto and mabuhat nila tanan. Pero mao man

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