Ignatius Of Loyola Essay

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Throughout history there has been many important individuals who have made an impact on our society, and influenced Christians around the world. Ignatius of Loyola was a man who made significant contributions by developing a systematic program for “The conquest of self, and the regulation of one’s life,” for service to the Catholic Church (Spielvogel, 281). He was gravely wounded while serving in the Spanish military fighting against the French. While slowly recuperating, Ignatius of Loyola experienced a conversion and consequently established the Jesuit order, also known as the military enforcement arm of the Catholic Church. It played an important role in the counter reformation and succeeded in converting millions around the world to Catholicism, …show more content…
The mission of the Jesuits was to spread the church by teaching and preaching all around the world. The development of the Jesuit order was rapid, its members took leading roles in the Counter Reformation by establishing schools and colleges throughout Europe. They believed that thorough education was crucial in order to combat the advance of Protestantism. Ignatius also valued humility and good works towards others. He warned those in ministry not to let a sense of admiration for the quality of their own living of the Gospel, keep them from seeing the needs of others. He encouraged those who embraced his spirituality to travel to any part of the world. As they traveled, like the Samaritan in the Gospel of Luke, they should stop along the way to help those wounded or left for dead (McManamon, 2013, 134). Another important Jesuit activity was to expand the Catholic faith among non-Christians. Francis Xavier, one of the original members of the Jesuit Society, helped deliver the message of Catholic Christianity to the East. He reached Japan in 1549, and spoke highly of them, “They are people of excellent morals-good in general and not malicious.” (Spielvogal, 2011, 281). In 1552, Xavier set out for China but died of fever before he reached the

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