Idina Menzel: Concert Analysis

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Attending my first concert, Idina Menzel was my first live performance to ever attend and experience the music live. Menzel performs a selection of songs from her Broadway career, along with original songs from her various solo albums, and her Pop and Rock covers. The group that performed for Menzel was a local Los Angeles band and they played very well for the choices of songs she sang. The performers that played for Menzel was very impressive and seemed they had no problem playing and following the beat of the singer’s voice. There were times when Menzel would stop singing abruptly and they would stop with her at the same time. When she began to sing again they all played at the same time and didn’t even go off-key when it happened.
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Menzel sang the song in a pop genre but the sub-genre is generally pop orchestral. In the background you can clearly hear the violin players playing over and over which sounds spectacular and the violin sound gives it a magical feeling to the music. Menzel sang the song in a very fast tempo, but it gave it a very exciting feeling because of the pop feeling it gives. The form of the music is the ABAC form, because in the C section it provides a sense of conclusion which is the title of the name, “Defying Gravity”. In the song called “No Day but Today”, written by Jonathon Larson and from the Broadway musical “Rent”, you can hear the piano more during this song because it is a piece where it has that sensitive and calm tone to it. The pianist was called Rob Mounsey; he is a famous music director as well as a piano player. When hearing the sounds of Mounsey playing the piano it was very enlightening as well as smooth when following the singer’s voice. Menzel sang the song in a pop way but the sub-genre is a smooth pop way. The tempo in which she sang the song was in a medium way and very calm way that made …show more content…
From the first song of, “Defying Gravity” to the last song of “Let it Go”, it was a wonderful experience. Menzel not only entertains, she is interactive with the audience and comes into the crowd. I never thought that a famous artist would reach out to her fans that way to me it was very surprising. The audience was very pleased and happy for the way Menzel would interact with her audience. Menzel sang a song called, “Take Me or Leave Me” from the musical “Rent” and did a duet with the audience. There was another moment where she also interacted with the audience but especially the kids with the song of “Let It Go” and everyone sang along with her. It was a very entertaining moment and seeing an artist interact with fans truly shows what a great person they can be. My favorite song that she played was “Let It Go”, because of the rhythm and beat. She sings it very well and it is those kinds of songs that get stuck to your head for quite a long time because it is just very addictive. It was also the setting of the performance that made me love it even more; especially since it was live it felt more real than hearing it on the radio. I would want to attend another performance in this genre of music and in the Hollywood Bowl Concert Hall, because I love the setting of the venue and pop is my favorite genre in music. Hollywood Bowl is what gives the performance a bit more

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