Joe Bonamass My Experience Of My Life

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On Wednesday November 23, 2016 I had quite the experience of my life. For the first time, I attended an actual concert, and not just any concert. I was blessed with a free ticket to go see Joe Bonamassa at the Altria Theater here in Richmond, Virginia. With a little research, I discovered that Joe Bonamassa is a Grammy- nominated blues -rock guitarist. At the time I was given the ticket to go see him preform, I felt no sense of excitement, I never even heard of him before that day nor did I listen to blues-rock. However, by the end of the concert I was glad I said yes to attend. Bonamassa had performed his new solo album called Blues of Desperation (J&R Adventures). Accompanying him on stage were some stunning musicians: Anton Fig on the …show more content…
With each song passing he altered between slow and fast tempo insuring to keep the crowd well balanced throughout. At no point in time during this concert did I ever get tired of listening, and neither did the crowd. By adding instrumentals in his songs, he really maintained to keep the crowd and myself highly pleased. With each song passing, I was excited to see what else he had in store for his audience. By me having little to no experience with this genre of music, I can honestly say Bonamassa did a great job overall with his performance. Not only is he a highly skilled guitarist, but his vocals were on of high standards. The overall energy level was the concert was very high. During a three-minute instrumental on one of his final songs, “How Many More Times”, Bonamassa really drew in his crowd with how he smoothly singly stoked the strings of his guitar increasing his pitch then instantly transferring over to produce a flat plucking sound followed by the rest of the band joining back in. Before attending, I just knew I would easily become more bored with each passing song; however, I was the complete opposite. By the end of the concert I left feeling good and very pleased with my decision to try out something new by coming to see him perform. Attending this concert made me realize that Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B are not the only style of genres I can enjoy listening to. Bonamassa was able to introduce me to a whole new world of music. I can certainly see myself attending another one of his concerts if presented the

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