Identify and Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of the Person Responsible for Health, Safety and Welfare on a Construction Project

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Assignment 1 of 2: Health and safety responsibilities at work

P1: Identify and describe the roles and responsibilities of the person responsible for health, safety and welfare on a construction project

Client Duties – The Client is an individual or an organization that has construction work carried out as part of their business. Clients duties should have a role of an input to take part in or to take action which is to have responsibilities of having health and safety signs in places around the construction site at all times, they should also be able to ensure that they have welfare facilities such as washing facilities, dining room where the employers can have their time to read newspapers, eat or drink, they also need to have a
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There are lots of types of HSE like there are several jobs that can transmit to HSE. HSE was created by the health and safety work at 1974 act. They are mainly set up to have power over health and safety to stop injuries happening on site and making sure more employers and workers on the construction site are safe and they have no risk. They are out there to carry out guides so that they can turn out guides on how to do possessions or use in a safe manner so they can change the law. They role is to go on a construction site, give out instructions and guides to the workers that don’t obey with the rules/law, that is when the enforcement team comes in to handle the work on site it would either be given a advance notices which is a warning so they don’t do it again and also they might get exclusion notice which means they might have to closed down the site work.

The HSE – Health and Safety Executive must:

• The HSE must perform health and safety inspection visits sometimes in a

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