Identification And Justification Of The Strategies Essay

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Identification and justification of the strategies used to implement key aspects of personalised learning

There are a number of strategies that can be used in schools to ensure that key aspects of personalised learning take place. A key aspect of personalised learning is high quality teaching and learning in Foreign Languages such as Spanish. One strategy is ‘direct teaching’ (DfES 2007, Moore 2009; Muijs and Reynolds 2011) which can be used to implement high quality teaching and learning. Other strategies suggested by the DfES (2007) are social, cognitive teaching and learning models. However, Muijs and Reynolds (2011) state that other strategies include ‘interactive teaching’, ‘collaborative small group work and peer tutoring’ and ‘constructivist teaching’.

Muijs and Reynolds (2011) explain that direct teaching which is also known as ‘direct instruction’ is a teaching style that involves the teacher actively engaging all of the children with whole class teaching. This strategy is an element of high quality teaching and learning because it involves ‘teacher – student interaction’, allowing ‘questions and answers, review and practice, and the correction of teaching and learning’ to take place (Moore, 2009). This strategy was teacher centred and allowed the teaching team to take it in turns to teach something new to the children. A benefit of using this strategy was we were able to carry out initial assessment of the children we would be working with. The initial…

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