ESL Classroom Reflection

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Teacher questioning is the most prominent and effective way of promoting interaction in classrooms whether it is a content or language classroom. In a language classroom, interaction is widely important as the main aim of learning any language is to use it for effective communication. Hence, interaction is essential in a language classroom and fundamental classroom activities which promote interaction in classroom (Sun, 2012). Throughout the structuring educational experience, the importance has been recognized as it is very essential in promoting interaction among teacher and students. Organizing and structuring lesson in a classroom based of frequent students participation in evaluating and developing each and every student’s learning experience is vital. Without interaction or communication between teacher and students and vice versa in educating is greatly impeded …show more content…
For instance, as agreed by all the students, teachers in ESL classroom should employ different types of questions to make teaching and learning process more effective and enhance learners’ proficiency in the target language. Motivation in classroom brings students participation and promotes interaction in classroom though there are many classrooms which seem that the students lack motivation and interest in what teacher is teaching or discussing. This is frequently due to the fact that teacher lacks effective and proper questioning skills to keep students actively involved and attracted to the lesson being taught (Critelli & Tritapoe, 2010). Among the methods of teaching in ESL classroom, questioning is a principle techniques of teaching which possibly be versatile and there is no other classroom that does not involve questions while the teaching and learning process no matter that their quality is (Azarefegn, 2008). As a result, questions play a huge role to make teaching and learning more effective and

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