Teach Like A Champion Analysis

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Developing critical thinking is not piling books one on top of another and expecting the student to memorize the books. It is the responsibility of the teacher to bring forward the content in order for every learner to fully comprehend and use it in everyday life. Student’s needs hands on engaging activities that they will be able to put into their own toolbox and use it in the future.
Teachers that are considered high quality educators are using these strategies to efficiently teach lessons. For example a teacher is teaching a lesson on adding two whole numbers together at the beginning of the year in a first grade classroom. Standing in front of the classroom with a monotone voice followed by a worksheet
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The videos Teach Like a Champion provide teachers with a baseline for presenting materials. The videos explain different strategies that build an effective teacher. Reviewing the videos have indicated, it is combining strategies to make that lesson effective. For example, combining “Joy factor” with “Do it again” and “tight transitions” will allow for the highest quality of learning taking place, as the teacher is using the most of the time given. Instead of stopping to explain how to hand out papers the teacher has already established that routine in his or her classroom, consequently the students are quickly moving to the next activity. In addition to that the teacher is excited about presenting the material and this energy goes to the students. The teacher sets the high expectations and they understand that if it is not completed correctly it will be done again and that can be tied from the video “Do it Again” where the teacher shows a visual model of what is expected along with what it should not be so the students understand along with verbal directions and providing specific feedback of what can be done …show more content…
Careful developed lessons with strategies from Teach Like A Champion gives educators that toolbox of strategies to make the best possible lessons. The strategies found in the videos enforce students that they must pay attention while at any point they can be called on. In addition, it also explains that they are responsible for their own learning that takes place and the teacher’s job is to come up with the lesson. These videos also provide the opportunity for all parties involved to be on the same playing field. For example the teacher is not available to continue to teach until every student has their eyes on the teacher. In some of the videos teachers were using different one word responses that forced the students to do the given direction right away; therefore the teacher has full control over the classroom. The students think that they are the only class to identify with what the teacher is discussing and this creates the safe and trusted environment to learn. Furthermore with out these teaching strategies lessons would not be successful in the classroom. In addition, without the proper strategies high quality teachers would struggle with teaching. It takes strategies to teach a lesson. If a teacher cannot gain momentum and set the routines from the beginning, it will be nearly impossible to

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