Idealism Reality Vs Reality

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What is considered to be defined as reality? Could it be something thought as physical, or could it be simply just a thought? In my opinion, Idealism is more rational than realism. What we think to be real is really mental. The logical way to better understand or explain what Idealism is through what I’ve come up with to be five main points, perception, the brain, triparte soul, other aspects, such as god and racism, that will help better understand Idealism and why it works for me in my world. What is perception? Perception is what we see. But to see is something mental and not physical. We can say that what we see is real but in all actuality it simply is a non-physical belief. You could see two people together in the street or in a restaurant …show more content…
He believes the soul is divided up into three parts, rational, emotion/ spiritive, and appetitive. These three parts are nothing physical for these three parts are to be some sort of feeling. You can feel or be rational. You can feel different types of emotions, such as mad, sad, love, happiness and so on. And appetitive is more so of a physical appetite, like when a man or woman has an appetite for money, sex, food and such. These aren’t physical feelings because we can’t actually know what is considered physical. Yes, you can feel the money in your hand but you’re really seeing the object in your hand, therefor, it’s not …show more content…
We have different beliefs from what we believe to be real or possibly what could be. For instance, I believe in a better world. That we can overcome hate and brutality to form a more peaceful world. When it comes to Idealism there’s always going to be a simple question, what we believe or even feel, really, if idealism is to be physical or is it just made up, in our heads? Plato once said, in “The Republic,” “ What is at issue is the conversion of the mind from the twilight of error to the truth, that climb up into the real world which we shall call true

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