INFJ Personality Types: Characterly Effect Interactions Personal And Professional

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The study of human personalities and how they can possibly effect interactions personal and professional has prompted this research summary. I have established through testing that I am INFJ personality type which is termed “Doers”. The traits of personality type INFJ will be assessed based on various settings and how that personality type transitions or remains steadfast. The testing range covered INFJ’s mannerisms dealing with conflict, communication, leadership and how my specified personality type faired in several other categories. The idea of any study is to find any possible patterns, strengths, or weaknesses that may be associated with this personality type and to gather a better understanding of possible compatibilities and these …show more content…
The theme appears to trend with feelings as they are applied to all arenas with INFJ personality types. Talking easily about feelings and emotions allow INFJ’s to be more approachable even though they can be introverted. The idea of potentially helping gives them that ability to convert into extrovert to communicate. ST personality types don’t communicate well with INFJ because of their sensing and thinking foundation.
While in a group setting the INFJ will stand out based on their leadership qualities whether it’s premeditated or not. I, like many other INFJ’s welcome the idea of a group or team to get that confirmation we desperately look for at times. I am truly at home in a team since I can help develop individual’s talent and lead naturally. Will lead naturally from a distance and move to the forefront if there is a humanistic reason.
Conflict is something INFJ would like to stay away from since it may ultimately involve hurt and is usually emotionally driven. Being able to work well in teams, INFJ can’t bypass all conflict and when the situation arises all conflict is handled with special attention to the needs of those involved acting as resolver. Power for the INFJ lies in ability to help not with having power to take advantage or gain control. That specific handling of INFJ’s personality trait make for an invaluable possessor of power which benefits everyone around them.
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